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CMOS Camera and CCD Camera

Vehicle Camera Features:

1. To provide a reliable certificate for the analysis of traffic accidents.

2. To facilitate the occupants to check the situation inside the car.

3.For the car passenger disputes, lost property search, anti-theft and other issues to prevent the occurrence of the basis for treatment.

4.To provide traffic inside and outside the compartment monitoring, to provide security for vehicle driving.

CCD and CMOS Camera Difference:

CCD and CMOS chip is composed of reversing camera an important part of the different components can be divided into CCD and CMOS. CMOS is mainly used in low image quality products, its advantages are manufacturing costs, power consumption is lower than the CCD, the drawback is the CMOS camera on the high requirements of the light source; CCD, is used in photography, camera aspects of high-end technical components also Comes with a video capture card. CCD and CMOS in the technical and performance gap is large, in general, CCD effect is better, but the price is also more expensive, it is recommended not consider the cost of the premise of the CCD camera.

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