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Introduction to car display

Product Definition

The main purpose of the car display with the car camera for reversing or for public transport/subway/trains and other advertising on the above, and now the mainstream products on the market with TV、sound、SD card、USB and other functions. There are some products along the direction of the development of car computer monitors.The future of the car display will be more with the cross-era technology links, as 3D, maybe one day we will bring 3D technology to the wonderful move into our car.

Display device

Car display equipment is usually a liquid crystal display, with external sound, readable SD card, USB and Bluetooth and other functions.Car display can be installed near the dashboard, roof, seat back, or even installed in the sun visor, easy to use in various circumstances. In addition, the car display device often also integrates other functions, such as with a simple amplifier, TV reception, audio output, etc. Type and function than television or computer display more numerous.


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