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How to Choose a Bus LCD Monitor (2)

How to Choose a Bus LCD Monitor (2)

     Bus LCD moitor has some outstanding feature such as small size, light weight,low power consumption, flash free and no distortion. Beside bitch, resolution, brightness, contrast, viewing angle and response time, we should also take following parameters into consideration when choose a bus LCD montior:

1. Color

     Color is the key factor of LCD monitor. Each independent pixel color of the LCD is controlled by three basic colors, red, green, and blue (R, G, B). Most of the LCDs have about 260,000 colors, and it is enough to show good color. 


2. Size of LCD Monitor

     Currently, as for bus use, there are 15 inch, 17 inch, 19 inch, 22 inch and 24 inch LCD monitors. Different sizes of LCD monitors fit different buses and coaches. If the size is too large, it's a waste of both price and bus space:

a. 15 inch bus LCD monitor fits bus body that is shorter than 7 meters; 

b. 17 inch and 19 inch monitor fit bus body that is between 7 meters to 10 meters; 

c. 17 inch, 19 inch and 22 inch monitors fit bus body that is longer than 10 meters;

d.  22 inch and 24 inch monitor fit some large and luxury buses.

Harine Monitors.jpg

3. Installation Methods

     The installation method of bus LCD monitor includes fixed, manual and motorized. Generally speaking, most of the sity buses will use fixed LCD monitor or advertising LCD monitor to ensure that the screen is open and can display advertisement all the time, while other buses and coaches will install manual and motorized monitors.

fixed bus LCD monitor.JPG

Installation of Monitor -2.jpg4.JPG

4. Work Voltage of LCD Monitor

    Nowadays, new energy buses are mainly DC12V models, and buses with diesel engine is 24V models. For user's easy installation, we suggest to choose products with wide range of voltage, DC12V-24V. In addition, the isolated power supply is necessary to avoid the electrical interference from engine and other devices in vehicle.


     These are most important parameters when choosing bus LCD monitor. Harine has been in the field for more than 10 years. We are more professional in design, manufacture and sales of bus LCD monitor. Most bus LCD monitors have CE, FCC and E-Mark certificates. If you would like to know more related information and have any new inquiry, welcome to contact us! Tel: 0086 592-5778667, email:sales@harine.com.cn


     Xiamen Harine Technology Corporation Limited is specialized in bus electronic parts including LCD monitor, audio player, video player, rear view system and mobile DVR system since 2007. We keep providing products with good quality and reasonable price. Welcome to send inquiry to us. 

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