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How to Choose a Bus LCD Monitor (1)

How to Choose a Bus LCD Monitor (1)

     Bus LCD moitor has some outstanding feature such as small size, light weight,low power consumption,no flash nor distortion.You should learn some basic technical parameter before making a choice.


1. Pitch

     Pitch generally refers to the distance between two adjacent pixels of the display.In a certain screen size, the smaller the dot pitch screen the clearer and more delicate it will be.

2. Resolution

     Resolution is one of the most important optional technical parameters for all bus LCD monitor.Monitor with goood resolution will bring better uer experience. As for vehicle LCD monitor, if its resolution can reach 720 × 480, it is a good enough actually.

3. Brightness

     The maximum brightness of a LCD monitor is usually determined by the LED backlight. The brightness of LCD monitor in the market is between 220 ~ 500cd / m2. Monitors with good brightness have more beautiful picture, and their price will be more expensive. If the brightness is poor, the screen looks dark.

4. Contrast

     The Contrast ratio is quite important, too. Better contrast makes the picture more vivid and color-saturated. Usually more than 250: 1 contrast is more appropriate, high is roughly 400: 1. However, the contrast of Harine's LCD monitor can reach to 1000:1. 

5. Viewing Angle

     Viewing angle is the maximum angle that human eye can see on the screen.It includes horizontal viewing angle and vertical viewing angle. To cater the needs of market, Harine's LCD monitor have a horizontal viewing angle of 170 degree and vertical angle of 160 degree.

6. Response time

     Generally, the shorter the response time, the better. If LCD monitors have shorter response time, their pictures will not get stuck when watching videos. According to the reaction time of the human eye, if the response time is more than 100 milliseconds, the hysteresis of the moving picture will appear.Most of the response time in the market is in 50ms ~ 80 ms, while that of Harine's LCD monitor can reach to 5ms.


     Click the link to get more information of Harine LCD moitor: http://www.buslcds.com/bus-led-backlight-monitor/

    Xiamen Harine Technology Corporation Limited is specialized in bus electronic parts including LCD monitor, audio player, video player, rear view system and mobile DVR system since 2007. We keep providing products with good quality and reasonable price. Welcome to send inquiry to us. 

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