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Parking Distance Control

English name: Parking Distance Control,English abbreviation: PDC

The parking sensor is called "reversing radar", also known as "parking assist device", is the car parking or reversing the safety of auxiliary devices,consists of ultrasonic sensor (commonly known as the probe), controller and display (or buzzer) and so on. Can tell the driver about the obstacles around the sound or more intuitive display of the situation, the lifting of the driver parking, reversing and start the vehicle before and after the visit caused by the troubled and help the driver to remove the field of view dead and blurred vision Defects, improve the safety of driving.

Reversing radar has these parts:

(1) ultrasonic sensor: for the transmission and receive ultrasonic signals, through the ultrasonic sensor can measure the distance.

(2) host: transmit sine wave pulse to the ultrasonic sensor, and deal with its received signal, converted from the distance value, the data and display communication.

(3) display or buzzer: receive the host distance data, and according distance distance to distance value and provide different levels of distance alarm sound.

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