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HDD(Hard Disk Player)

  Hard disk player, in addition to the playback function, as well as the recording function of the player, you can play with the computer or TV programs need to set up, immediately recorded under the program is playing, such as television programs to play a game, or a story etc.For some reason, missed the playing time, or want to repeat and then enjoy it again, we can record through the HDD player, you can watch again, that is now often said time shift function.

  In the use of ordinary household small hand that treasure series, as well as the car for the landline series, as well as dual-use dual-use car series. The car player, not only has the general player function, but also with the original car audio and video with a radio, karaoke OK function, as well as access to navigation, rear viewers and electronic dogs and other interfaces.

  In the expansion function, there can be inserted SD / MMC / MS card, that can be inserted into the digital camera at the same time play, there can be inserted at the same time a variety of card player. All support USB2.0 interface. Some players also support OTG function, that is, copy function at the same time. The hard disk player supports copying data from the computer.

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