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Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire pressure monitoring system can be divided into two kinds: one is an indirect tire pressure monitoring system, is the tire speed difference to determine whether the tire is abnormal; the other is a direct tire pressure monitoring system, through the tires inside the installation of four Tire pressure monitoring sensor, in the car still or during the process of tire pressure and temperature real-time automatic monitoring, and tire high pressure, low pressure, high temperature alarm in a timely manner to avoid traffic accidents caused by tire failure to ensure traffic safety.

(1) tire pressure monitoring system in the tire high pressure, low pressure, high temperature alarm to remind the owner to pay attention to traffic Sonata tire pressure monitoring

(2) safe, but also to help owners save money and become a car low-carbon environmental protection family.

(3) tire pressure monitoring system TPMS-related statistics show that: car lack of air will consume 3.3% more fuel. Many owners may not know the tire has a slow natural air leakage phenomenon,the tire pressure is completely unknown.

(4) through the tire pressure monitoring system to understand the tire condition, to prevent puncture, saving oil and environmental protection.

(5) tire pressure monitoring system, the specific use of examples: senior cars are using this technology, Beijing Hyundai out of the eighth generation of Sonata in the use of this technology.

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